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  • The Pine Tree says:

    What sucks about all of this is how others are reacting. Clearly you know your girl well and you picked a proposal style that suits you both - it's not meant for other people to approve of. I'm very glad you shared the artwork with us and even though I'm an anonymous stranger, I wish nothing but the best.

    Question: what are you going to do with the art now? It would be pretty neat to have a little gallery at your wedding reception featuring these pieces.

  • Atlanta says:

    Neverfuck +10

  • West Virginia says:

    You'll delete this one too I'm guessing. Here it is for people to see:

    Because it's easy to call someone a cunt on the Internet and you will get slapped if you call someone that in person.

    Seriously, people. I am a human being with feelings. Please don't call me a cunt.


  • The Keystone says: Did you understand the macro?