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  • Sacramento says:


  • New York says:

    "Natural" is my favorite. Natural what? Natural partially hydrogenated soybean oil?

  • The Ocean says:

    My MOM :OOO


  • The Equality or Cowboy says:

    no bitch. its a joint. thats like saying "oh well tomato carrot"

    and no you cant have

  • Boston says:

    I'd assumed the nickname came from being adopted. Something about cuckoos laying their eggs in other birds' nests?

    I really enjoyed the book. I'd certainly read another "John Galbraith" mystery, and I never was a Harry Potter Person. I thought it was really well plotted, and I liked Cormoran and Robin. I'm hoping for more books, if Rowling can come up with more plots, it would be fun to see how those two develop further.

  • Sacramento says:

    Relevant XKCD

  • Maryland says:

    I would never compare that girl to an animal.

    Thats disrespectful to animals.