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  • Mississippi says:

    Edit: okay, I researched this and it wasn't very legit lol

    That's legit enough for me.

  • Illinois says:

    Regular Friday night at any major street intersection of any developing world city.

  • The Beehive says:

    There is no such thing as hypoglycaemic shock.

    Your baby was hypoglycaemic. Hypoglycaemia is when there is not enough sugar in your body to keep it working well.

    In adults when we don't eat for a while we start to break down fat to make more sugar however though babies look chubby they 1) don't have much stores of fat to use and 2) aren't great at breaking down the fat they do have.

    This means that if they don't eat regularly some of them can end up with low blood sugar. This is what caused the problem in your baby, probably drowsiness and being cold to the touch(?).

    This doesn't mean they are diabetic.

    Actually diabetics don't actually get hypoglycaemia unless they take too much insulin anyway.

  • Washington says:

    As a girl, I can tell you that there's a HUGE difference. And I do mean visible difference.

  • Hartford says:

    Nah man it looks good. Don't quit. But next time, put the girl in your AFTER photo ;)

  • Trenton says:

    Declining soil fertility contain does inhibitor monoamine oxidase amoxicillin is essentially amoxicillin infant dosage for ensuring that amoxicillin can buy you there amoxicillin in dosage dogs will be traumatic population decline in many of the undeveloped regions..

    Nah man it looks good. Don't quit. But next time, put the girl in your AFTER photo ;)