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  • Tennessee says:

    You're welcome. I thought it was pretty fascinating myself.

  • Iowa says:

    He may be in a shitty situation, but what he did is absolutely inexcusable.

  • North Carolina says:

    Where did you get him and how much was he?

  • The Gem says:

    Rude to a serial killer? I think Miss Manners might let that one pass.

  • Salem says:

    actually, a prime example of "bro-like" thinking would be to excuse the potentially murderous actions of someone just because he made a bunch of people laugh by acting like an jackass on film. "Yeah, he could have killed any number of innocent people on any of the several occasions that he drove drunk, but it's ok because when he wasn't committing felonies he was really funny!"

    Fuck that kind of rationale, and FUCK YOU for defending it. Just wait until someone YOU care about personally dies at the hands of a drunk driver, and see if you don't instantly condemn them to hell along with every other person who still drives drunk.