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  • Albany says:

    aww he looks so sweet

  • The Beehive says:

    Nowadays I like to give a fuck.

  • The Old Dominion says:

    Lasagna! And stat!

  • The North Star says:

    I read the comments below arguing back and forth about whether or not OP should have stepped in and helped. There is no need to intervene physically. You can either walk into the gas station and tell the manager if Gumby was working there, if not he should know where the guy is working if it's nearby and could call them to help their employee. Or the other option is after you have filled up your car take out your cell and yell to the Gumby "Is everything all right? Would you like me to call the police?" This would get them to move along or give the guy the opportunity to say yes and you call 911. It's summer and the guy in the Gumby suit may be another kid not a grown man. I understand that physical intervention is a hard decision especially if it's kids, who legally you can't lay a finger on and unfortunately now a days the bad ones are keenly aware of that. However I do think that in this age of cell phones the offer of calling 911 is a good idea.

  • Arkansas says:

    Well yeah, but you can go like 5 miles to the exact same area in Spanish territory. It's tourism comes from Brits who don't want to go to another country.

  • Albany says:

    This 100%. The Louvre is overwhelmingly huge, full of pushy tourists and impossible to navigate. You have to know what you want to see and how to get there. A few weeks ago I spent hours in the Egypt wing trying to get to the German/Dutch wing and failed repeatedly. Then my group was just so overwhelmed that we left.

    Great food court and non-gift shops though.