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  • Dover says:

    So much happens in that book that the others just can't compete.

  • Missouri says:

    I just can't wait until this becomes the next civil rights issue.

  • Charleston says:

    It a restaurant, gardening school, flower shop

  • Massachusetts says:

    I don't support crucifixion, just the right of people to experience what they are ready to do to others.

  • The Bluegrass says:

    That... actually makes it look worse than my original picture.

    I think taking a good screenshot of WW HD makes the game look better than seeing it in motion. I can't fathom how anyone would watch that video and think "That's a good HD remake".

    It looks like they just added a cheap ENB effect to the entire game, PC gamers will be familiar with it, the whole process takes about 5 seconds to install for virtually any game.

    You can literally duplicate those "HD" graphics with an emulator in about 15 minutes start to finish: Download Dolphin, a ROM, ENB series, and set up your resolution. Done.

    Nintendo has truly mastered the art of milking their playerbase, perhaps.

    edit // In case your curious, ENB for Wind Waker on Dolphin:

  • Juneau says:

    Just remember that the last laugh's on the Jews.

    ... Probably have that wrong.