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  • Augusta says:

    I dont think the eye print is possible. Closing your eyes is involuntary, which i think she would have done.

  • Juneau says:

    Style 8

    Initiation 5

    Execution 7

    Dismount 3

    That dismount really let him down.

  • Little Rock says:


  • The Old Dominion says:

    Worked as an intern on the set of Bigger Than the Sky several years ago. I got assigned to EPK (electronic press kit), and was helping a guy do interviews with the cast. While waiting for Clare Higgins to come in, the guy thought he would let me have some fun and he did an interview for me. Some quick silly times, then we were back in business. She came in, did her little interview, then left. When reviewing the tape, the guy realized he hadn't stopped recording when he was interviewing me, and he had actually stopped the tape when Claire started talking. He missed the entire interview. He had to have her come back in after her next scene and shoot the whole thing again. He kept saying "I'm so fucked. I'm never going to get a job in EPK again. FUCK!" She was very clearly irritated for the 2nd take.

    Good times.

  • The Bluegrass says:

    there called dragonhouse.. check out there vids here :)

  • The First says:

    I loved Fassbender as Magneto. The end scene between him and Kevin Bacon was incredible.

  • Albany says:

    Try living in the town he's in. I don't know of anyone who's actually seen him out though.