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  • Phoenix says:

    You're analogy would be very cohesive with the type of advice that isn't destructive to your own life or what your want to do. You own your car, you own your valuables, and you have the ability to understand your surroundings well enough to know where not to flaunt them.

    That doesn't sound any different to me.

    I do agree that the type of person who would blame the rape victims would also say that they should have acted differently, blah blah, whatever.

    But to say that any time anyone ever gives anyone any advice on how to avoid being victims suggests that the victims are at-fault is a little ridiculous.

    "Hey, you probably shouldn't go through that neighborhood alone after dark." "Stop blaming the victim!"

  • Atlanta says:

    Black hole sun...

  • Lincoln says:

    Switch them over to 401(k)s like everyone else. Problem solved.

  • Sacramento says:

    Damn, what a way to go

  • The Old Dominion says:

    People being idiots in scary movies.

    “oh, I'm in an unfamiliar, dark place and hear a creepy noise? Imma check that shit out. Right now. Alone."

  • The Mountain says:

    This ruined my sesame seed bagel.

  • Hartford says:

    I wonder how long does it take for the chinese to copy this!