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  • Florida says:

    Thanks for this, the link is dead for me probably because of the reddit zerg.

    I think the part about "days before he left to go work for a competitor" is really really important to understand. I think the average redditor (pro-piracy, pro-torrent, anti-wall street, "everything should be, like, free, man") sees the title and automatically crams the situation into their own narrative: "A random, innocent, kitten-loving, open-source programmer is hunted down by fat cat bankers and thrown in jail for life because he uploaded code to a torrent that Goldman Sachs stole from the open source community."

    The reality seems to be that this guy was paid millions and millions of dollars (which incidentally i belive puts him well into the 1% that the hivemind normally hates) to develop software, and then when he was poached by another firm, he outright stole the source code that GS had paid millions for, right before he left.

  • Jefferson City says:

    Looks like giants from some other planet took a sampling.

  • The First says:

    There is a whole Youtube channel about haunted dolls. This looks like Herald the doll.

  • Harrisburg says:

    I remember thinking about shoplifting to keep up with the battery requirement. Fortunately, I saved enough to buy a voltage transformer instead so could play as much as I want! :o)

  • The Bay says:

    Were there really ancient aliens? Or is History Channel just whoring their TV air time for money?

  • The Volunteer says:

    Yeah swimming up hills can be a real bitch.