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  • The Land of Enchantment says:

    I remember learning cursive and being forced to write in cursive. Then in High school it was mandatory to write in print since the teachers complained they couldn't read the writing. I haven't used it since.

  • North Carolina says:

    ...and plug the hole with a glass eye.

  • Boise says:

    A GTX 660 can't run this?

  • West Virginia says:

    Then fire the missiles! Wait...Do the Canadians have missiles?

  • Virginia says:

    I didn't play the mode until CoD4 had been out for awhile. There was still a strong playerbase for the game in general, but Old School mode usually only had about 50-75 people on most of the time.

  • Minnesota says:

    It took me over 2 months to realize what Wanton Rod actually meant...

  • North Carolina says:

    Seth Green was a dick to my Grandma.

    She had her fifteen minutes of fame as Old Grandma Hardcore, all around video game playin' badass, and we were at MTV studios filming what was to be her review of some game- I think Condemned or something, for a show called "The G-Hole".

    Seth Green was to be on TRL to promote his then new show Robot Chicken. TRL was filmed right next to the studio where we were doing our thing. Not a whole lot of places to just wait around, I guess, so he was in there with us with his entourage or whatever.

    Our producer introduces Grandma to him. "Oh, what do you do here?" he asks.
    -"I just play video games and review them."
    "Then you and I have nothing to talk about."

    Then he goes to a corner and starts texting on his phone. Somebody he was with apologized for him.

    I guess he must have been having a bad day or maybe he didn't like MTV and thought we were MTV people or I don't know what. Grandma didn't give a shit because she didn't recognize him until I told her he was in Austin Powers.

    She still didn't give a shit.

    Grandma is cool.