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  • North Carolina says:

    That the majority of the things you learn in high school wont be useful in college.

  • Maryland says:

    Glad to see some places appearing here that I've actually been to!

  • The Magnolia says:

    Those....those are REAL?

  • Virginia says:

    off with your head!

  • Topeka says:

    I feel the biggest accomplishment here is that he avoided overdosing long enough to bald.

  • Mount Rushmore says:

    Exactly, you called OP a dumb fuck, for proposing to his SO in a way that he thought fitting, and so did she. The internet is "not a nice place" because of people like you that will call people names and belittle them, when you don't know them at all. You take the anonymity of the internet and use it to make others feel bad or stupid, when you wouldn't say any of those things in real life.

    It's a good thing that OP and his SO don't really care about what any of you had to say, but it's still pretty sad that some people can be so cruel and harsh to someone they don't even know, all because he picked a place to propose to his SO (which was smart and she loved by the way), that others didn't approve of.

  • Virginia says:

    Every sentence is a Stroop test