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  • Charleston says:

    you really believe theres such a thing as "australia"

    what other fairy tales has you mom told you?

  • The Natural says:

    You're right, I should keep all my "trolling" in /r/Gamingcirclejerk. My bad, I thought I was in the circlejerk. Oh well, back to masturbating in gonewild.

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  • The Beaver says:

    Keep in mind many of these posts are likely to have a touch of the themes below.

    A few different friends of mine have been canned from low paying positions (food shop, desk clerk etc). In every case, they either had no idea why they had been fired or chalked it up to some minor issue or technicality. They would be very likely to post such a thing here.

    I worked with a couple of them and lived with another, and I can tell you the reality of the situation--they were terrible employees. In two separate cases, a guy and a girl I know are generally selfish people who do not approach situations thinking "how can I pitch in or carry my own weight". They were content to sit around at work if they were not directly told something to do. The guy told me, "they said I didn't have any initiative or some bullshit." He was convinced it was something else and openly speculated to me. All I could think was, "dude, you're like that around the house too. Our other roommate and I are always cleaning up after your ass because we got sick of living in filth and arguing with you about it."

    I worked with the girl and she was always chummy with the managers on a personal level so she thought, "they're my friends, so it's OK." The reality was the managers were mostly just attracted to her, but thought of her as a terrible employee because she was. Similar lack of drive as above--always trying to get out of doing work and goofing around while everyone else carried her weight. She also has wild speculations/claims about reasons for her firing when I absolutely know they were just sick of her BS.

  • Maryland says:

    so trees are the real enemies here?