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  • Augusta says:

    If you got to an Indy fan site like IndyGear, or IndyLounge, they'll dissect the outfit according to which specific prop hats and jackets were worn in each scene in each movie.

    I'm actually more surprised that I didn't mention the hat, which is also awful because Indy has a larger brim and less crown taper. Indy's was basically custom made (and it changes between films) although there are now a number of good reproductions for it. Sadly the guy in the picture could be wearing an "official" indy hat because they are mostly garbage and not at all screen accurate.

  • The Grand Canyon says:

    "but quickly jumps out at the last second and watches them all die"

  • Idaho says:

    Everyone knows there's no better revenge than obsessing about people who wronged you, for decades after the fact. It's totally healthy and awesome.

  • St. Paul says:

    Just as I was going to finish the Ender's Game I see this thread. Why must you forsake us.