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  • The Sunflower says:

    At first I thought he was hugging him but I do think he went for the RNC. Obviously he wasn't trying to sink it in but I think he moves his left foot back as though he were going to take his back.

  • Juneau says:

    This was the best failed joke ever.

  • Salem says:

    I am too fucking hungover for that shit.

  • North Carolina says:

    Shout out to Samurai Champloo for introducing me to Nujabes!

  • Delaware says:

    "There are no lies on the internet" -- George Washington.

    Everyone knows that there are millions of lies on the internet. In fact, almost everything on the internet is lies. Even this.

  • The Palmetto says:

    I invented (or conjured) the 'hammock method' of poop splash-back prevention.

  • The North Star says:

    I was expecting "I'll have you know I've been on reddit for a year and I only posted to gonewild once"