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  • The Beehive says:

    These two were made for the psp. They were later ported for the ps2, but since they were made as handheld games they shouldn't be an indication in wheter a pc port for gta v is comming or not. Every "real" gta iteration was released on pc.

  • Utah says:

    Sandler knows he's making bad movies, and he doesn't really care. He knows he can make a movie and usually make the budget back. His movies are really just a way to keep his friends employed. Every once in awhile he might make a decent film, but for the most part he is perfectly fine making a movie and having a few laughs while doing it.

    Basically Sandler has made a career out of over the top stupid humor that barely fits a plot and doesn't make anyone but 14 year old boys laugh.

  • Rhode Island says:


  • The Keystone says:

    The Saudi military is not built on the "American Cold War style", it's a fusion of US and British army tactics and doctrine.

    That's funny, because they're outfitted exactly like the US military. They rely on a big air force, big armor force, and things like that.

    The 1980s era US Army AirLand Battle is a perfectly viable doctrine for the Saudis to emulate for any conventional enemy they might face.

    Not if that enemy has geared their entire military to thwarting such a doctrine.

    It did a pretty good job of tearing up the Iraqis in 1991.

    That's how I know you're ignorant, because you're comparing anything at all to Desert Storm. Sorry, but you really need to study that war to know just how absurd it was. The Iraqis were typically lacking completely in morale, training, leadership, etc. Their huge army had very little in the way of modern weapons, and they didn't know how to employ any of their weapons. They also fully expected nothing to happen because they thought the US would back down. Failing that, they expected the US to attack them from the front because they didn't think the US could operate in their own desert, because they couldn't operate in their own desert. So essentially the entire Iraqi army was effectively a bunch of paper targets for the US military to cut through, and it's because of Saddam's shittiness as a military leader and their army's utter lack of training. To think that any future engagement will in any way resemble Desert Storm is shear fantasy.

  • The Pine Tree says:

    I just choked on my beer... Good job!!!

  • Arkansas says:

    Seeing that he's not shown in the animation even once, removing him from all those pictures must've been a pain too.