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  • Montana says: Google search reveals that it is in fact what they have stated to be the truth, good sir. confirmed by an identical image accompaniment!

  • The Cornhusker says:

    Very, I really wish Attack on Titan was made into a real movie. It's excellent and on Crunchyroll / Hulu. I'd watch that 100x over if Hollywood ever picked it up and actually put effort into it. Thus far it would make an awesome trilogy.

    The artists do an excellent job at depicting the horror on the character's faces and the author brings it even further to life with the writing and the music truly seals the deal unlike anything I've ever seen. The plot is mostly centered around people dealing with an issue. Not super humans or fearless leader types, just normal people. Something to keep in mind as you watch.

    One final note: I don't know about anyone else but every time I think "Oh, that cliche anime / movie moment is about to happen.... or not o_O!?". It's awesome ~ Enjoy! Be careful of spoilers and try not to watch the previews for the next episodes!

  • Nevada says:

    Even better, don't drive if you're impaired. Marijuana not being as physically impairing as alcohol isn't a justification for driving high.

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    Dementia is a symptom of late stage Parkinsons, so i doubt he's still forming a lot of opinions.