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    "Sherlock's Pub" is an amazing place, really interesting atmosphere.

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    I usually just wave for the both of us.

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    Not really. If it was "Eat more artichokes" you just solved both cases in one go.

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    It seemed like I'd get back a DD214 and 15% of people were out right lying to me about something. For a lot of homeless guys (especially young homeless "veterans") they were kicked out for pissing hot, or kicked out of basic, or never made it past their first year for generally fucking up. Then I got to explain to them, "You actually don't qualify for any VA benefits because you're not technically a 'veteran' because you served for 5 months." Then they'll say, "Yeah, that's what they told me when I was leaving." Fucking liars. I think it's a goddamn shame that Stolen Valor was struck down by the courts.