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  • The Natural says:


  • Connecticut says:

    I just got done binging 3/4ths of the season and you're telling me it's poorly written?

    Damn, now i have to toss you into a pool don't I...

  • Cheyenne says:

    The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford had what I consider to be a very realistic gunfight in it; it involves non-sharpshooters who are nervous trying to shoot at each other very close in a room with no obstructions, and lots of missing at close range. Here's the clip which obviously has spoilers: The scene features Casey Affleck, Jeremy Renner, and about 3 frames of Sam Rockwell.

  • Boise says:

    I can afford more games than I have time to play.

  • New York says:

    Isn't myoglobin part of blood? Someone tell me science.

  • Florida says:

    I know about Red Faction Guerrilla, a game which released in 2009. I am much older and wiser than OP.