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  • Baton Rouge says:

    Redditors are the nosiest motherfuckers on the planet. Yesterday, someone asked another person where they worked simply because they made a post.

    Why does it matter where in the fuck OP was headed? Why does it matter where OP works? You people aren't friends. You're not even acquaintances. You're total strangers. It's OK to mind your own fucking business on here. Seriously. It is.

  • The Constitution says:

    The police aren't always allowed to just sit outside and talk. If they feel the person may harm themselves, they can be forced to take action. Japans suicide rate is double that of Americas, so I am not 100% sure we should be taking advice from them on how to handle these types of situations.

    Just checked that device out, and yeah it definitely wouldn't work to stop an armed person who wants to cause themselves harm.

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    I might have to buy one of these, and test it but don't worry i won't tell my boss.

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    I might have to buy one of these, and test it but don't worry i won't tell my boss.

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    They have nerfed the shit out of everything I bought. :( And it used to have a really good framerate for me, now it drops into the unplayable constantly, and everyone's level 100 while I'm ~50.

    Vanu are always in complete control of my server, while I'm NC.

    It's lost it's appeal. :(

  • Alabama says:

    Yeah that lad I work with was telling me about someone he knows who used to install it. Would be cutting it up and shredding it with no protection at all, he's come home literally covered in fibers of asbestos. He's in his 60's at the moment so this far it's luckily not effected him.