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  • Olympia says:

    In this context it clearly means the US and allies. There are probably more Western countries involved in supporting the US in this one way or the other (including 'neutral' ones like Ireland) than not.

  • The Empire says:

    And bigger than you anticipate.

  • The Green Mountain says:

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  • Virginia says:

    How Sweede it is!

  • The Peace Garden says:

    I'd assumed the nickname came from being adopted. Something about cuckoos laying their eggs in other birds' nests?

    I really enjoyed the book. I'd certainly read another "John Galbraith" mystery, and I never was a Harry Potter Person. I thought it was really well plotted, and I liked Cormoran and Robin. I'm hoping for more books, if Rowling can come up with more plots, it would be fun to see how those two develop further.

  • Vermont says:

    This happened to my teacher last year... Mrs. P had her hours cut back so she was only part-time and would be there for half the day. The elementary school art teacher, mrs. S, came to the high school to have her classes in the morning and Mrs. P would have hers in the afternoon, so they share the one room.

    Mrs. P got to give all the seniors in our art class our own supplies, such as a pallet, some brushes, a sketchbook, and a couple of other stuff.

    But the fucking scum-bag sophomores in the morning class would leave the tables a mess, paint smeared ALL over the tables, paint in the sink, that stuff. Our personal supplies would go missing. And sometimes, if our artwork was sitting out to dry or on display, we'd find paint splashed on it. (It's understandable if there was one painting that had gotten splashed, but it happened all the time)

    And Mrs. S would often take supplies that belonged to Mrs. P and hide them, so that HER class could have them. It was annoying.