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using what is called a man-in-the-middle attack. Many of the same issues measured since the first writings on the subject, some four thousand years ago, remain just as applicable today as ever.

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  • The Treasure says:

    It's That Gun!!

  • Delaware says:

    At least they aren't hoarding 159 hand-baskets ;) But yes, people are lazy assholes.

  • Phoenix says:

    Please, please talk to everyone and get her to the doctor. There are many things that can cause memory loss and even dementia that aren't Alzheimer's. Not taking her means that she's not getting treatment that may help.

    My husband and I spent 10 years trying to get my mother-in-law to the doctor. She was paranoid and forgetful. We live thousands of miles away from the rest of the family and no one would listen to us so we weren't able to force the issue as much as we wanted to.

    Just in the last few weeks, the rest of the family finally was forced to deal with how bad she's gotten. We'll never know if treatment could have helped her because she's so far gone now. She doesn't even recognize my husband all the time anymore.