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  • Texas says:

    Yeah, that is kind of a bummer. Multi is so fun I don't know why they didn't bother to put it online.

  • New Hampshire says:

    The one on the bottom reminds of my baby, Grant. Not in color, but the scared little eyes. When I rescued Grant, he was completely feral @ ~8 weeks old. Even now at ~2 years old, he is terrified of strangers. I had a package delivered by FedEx on Saturday and just the carrier knocking on the door caused Grant to run upstairs and hide under the comforter of my bed. When I picked up the comforter to calm him down, his eyes looked just like that little kitten's eyes look. It breaks my hurt to see him scared like that. Luckily it's just with strangers and not with my family and close friends. He's cool with them because he's used to them.

  • Topeka says:

    A reposter pointing out another reposter. I love it..