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  • Alabama says:

    Not sure if you mean ass or vagina...

  • Richmond says:

    The guy in the beginning had the right idea: it looks like it's crashing, let's get out of here!

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    The guy in the beginning had the right idea: it looks like it's crashing, let's get out of here!

  • Little Rock says:

    Princess Juliana International Airport in Saint Martin. It was on History Channel as the World's 4th most dangerous airport.

    Maho Beach is right next to the runway, separated only by that road.

    Edit: Bonus still of a plane about to land

  • Tennessee says:

    Hehe, I figured it was a different language than English after a few watches... but imagining the guy was simply rendered speechless by the feat he just witnessed made it much more hilarious. :D

  • Texas says:

    I think it had something to with dying in-game=dying for real (in the Fallout world, obviously). If you go with the Chinese commando option, they're put out of their misery quickly with little pain. That was always my thought.