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  • The Hawkeye says:

    Great cause and thanks for volunteering. Not trying to be an ass but doesn't posting about it publicly kinda make you feel like a tool? I'm always pissed when someone outs something that I did like that.

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    Something similar happened to me. I see guy about to push an unsuspecting fully clothed friend of mine into the pool. I walk up behind him. As soon as he pushes my friend in, i push him in as well and they both fall in together. He comes out a few seconds later yelling about how i'm going to have to replace the phone that was in his pocket. I just laughed in his face.

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    What the hell is that on his chin in the picture at the end?

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    Exactly as intended.

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    Rumors spread so fast.. But if you're in the right group that looks out for each other, you're going to have a good time :).