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  • Providence says:

    From what I've learned, air traffic control isn't that stressful unless your daughter ODs.

  • Kansas says:

    You replied to a comment about brute force attacks and millions of passwords. Kind of hard to do when Windows makes you wait a few seconds every time your hacker program guesses wrong.

  • Alabama says:

    I know downvotes are incoming, but I'm gonna say "The Crow".

    The dialogue was bad. Most of the acting was bad. The concept and directing was great.

  • Baton Rouge says:

    I was just thinking 'Oh hey, I watched Etalyx play this!'.

    Should have looked at who posted it...

  • Tallahassee says:

    It's a Doctor Who tradition. Nicholas Courtney, Lalla Ward, and Colin Baker were all on the show as different characters before they were cast in their more well-known parts. And then there are some who were "promoted", like John Levene, who started out as a Cyberman and a Yeti.

  • The Golden says:

    Like a true hipster, of course.