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  • Illinois says:

    Mini marathon of a favorite tv show like 30 rock

  • Indianapolis says:

    Definitely waited in line tons of times for the newest Beanie Babies. Yep...that was a colossal waste of time and money.

  • The Magnolia says:

    It's complete bullshit that the NSA is stepping in to help take down TOR sites just because a lot of the goings-on are illegal in America. It's the equivalent of North Korea taking down websites we use every day because they don't abide by their laws. Newsflash (and I say this as an American): the Internet does not belong to the US.

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    I wonder how this would affect the digestive system.

  • The Beaver says:

    Squishy -- just say it.

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  • Helena says:

    Take that New Zealand!