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  • New Mexico says:

    You should be ashamed you would lie like that.

  • Little Rock says:

    Cripes, I don't know why I follow up on these gender war debates. Pretty much guaranteed to ruin my day.

  • Wyoming says:

    When my brother was in college, he and a few friends flew to Vegas. After landing, he heard two friends (who were in an Ivy League school) arguing . One was saying "No, you couldn't see them because we were too high up." The other, "No, you couldn't see them because it was dark out." Curious, my brother asks what they're talking about and they say the black line that show the state borders. They thought it was actually like a map where there's a black line in between all the states.

  • The Last Frontier says:

    As a french, fuck 101. We love ya, English people :'(

  • Honolulu says:

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    As a french, fuck 101. We love ya, English people :'(

  • Trenton says:


  • Austin says:

    Hi, Reddit. Studied, albeit non-professional, linguist here.

    "Like", as it is often used today, is not a new development. It has been used in this way for coming up on a hundred years with varying frequency of use in popular culture. All things in language, however, start somewhere. It could be you and a couple of your friends making up a word to describe something, and maybe your friends' friends pick it up.. it spreads this way like wildfire. Most of the time, though, these sorts of things stop dead in their tracks after a while and fade into nostalgic obscurity. That is, unless you're a rapper and can convince an entire nation that "Yolo" is a thing that needs to exist, or a cartoon character so well known that "D'oh" is now a thing.

    If we want to point out where "like" was first used in the way we see it used now, as almost meaningless filler, the earliest known use of it in this way would be in Wales in the middle or so of the 1800s as a dialect peculiarity. It can be traced back further in a different form, and I believe another linguist went into detail about this in a post linked to by another reddit user here in this thread.

    As for how it shifted from such special usage in a particular area of the world to the widespread use we see today, there are lots of people who may cite early uses by famous figures - but they are fairly sparse and, in my opinion, not influential enough to have given it the push it needed to become so popular.

    If I were to point a finger at one particular piece of history that was the catalyst bringing it to such fame.. I would point out this wonderful fellow.

    He remained prominent enough for long enough that he has had an impact on not only our generation, but also on our parents generation. We learn from what we see, and learn best when we are young - this, in my humble opinion, is your answer.