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  • Helena says:

    Well, that's what I do. Put your personal data on a separate drive. When osx, linux, windows fucks up just wipe that shit and do a quick install. It cleans up your computer, gets things freshened up and and eliminates any funkiness. We do this on servers all the time. If it's acting weird, pull it, wipe it, reinstall/re-purpose it. I try to explain this to my family who are not tech savvy, but they just don't get it. They would rather deal with some dead ass computer loaded with viruses and a bunch of software they don't need or want while peddling their problems around to anyone who seems technical.

  • Salem says:

    lmfao what track is that? so awesome

  • St. Paul says:

    Sure, but to the person you responded to, the source is important - all hes saying is that there is now a precedent - via house of cards, game of thrones and others - for faithful adaptations of non-tv ips being successful and profitable. You're talking about the sopranos setting a precedent, which it did, but not the one bitsRboolean is referring to.

  • Jackson says:

    So farting on your bike? Classy!

  • Minnesota says:

    First time I made my ma's sugar cookies alone, I was 7 months pregnant (that's important). I didn't read the recipe all the way through beforehand, and when I got to "Refrigerate dough for 3-5 hours" I started to cry. My husband rushed into the kitchen thinking something bad had happened, and when I told him I really wanted cookies, he laughed and told me I could have them later.

    I could have them later...

    I hurled a plastic-wrapped hunk of dough at him in a hormonal rage, then waddled away to bawl. When I got to our room, I turned back and shrieked, "Put that in the fridge!"

    For many moons afterward, when I would get irrational, he'd hold up a random item and ask, "Baby, should I put this in the fridge?"

    TL;DR: Refrigerating sugar cookie dough makes pregnant women hangry.