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  • New Hampshire says:

    It's really not most though. You pretty much have to be next to a big city otherwise you're shit out of luck. Hell even IN a big city, it's still a crapshoot sometimes. OTA is not a fix all

  • Arkansas says:

    I blame them.

  • Arizona says:

    I am always a little bit shocked when questions come up about American Health Care. I'm an Australian, and I can't understand why so many of you are so against socialist health care.

    Yes, it sucks that a large portion of my wages go to taxes that I can't directly control, and there will always be some people who milk the system for everything it's worth. At the same time, I know that the roads in my city are safe to drive on, the public hospitals will be able to help me when I get sick, and there is different welfare options that I can rely on if I lose my job.

    There are going to be people that pay much less and receive more help, just as there are going to be people who pay much more and receive less help, but majority of people are somewhere in the middle. I would much rather live in a country where our healthcare system is slightly unfair to some of the population, then live in a country where I would potentially have to remortgage my house in order to pay for a life saving operation.

  • Hartford says:

    for that you get raspberries, maybe even sour grapes.