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  • Cheyenne says:

    Unless you know she is a gamer, guys please quit talking about video games. You aren't helping yourselves.

  • Charleston says:

    The perpetuation of a military-industrial complex that funnels wealth out of taxpayer pockets and into the hands of a few large corporations at the expense of perpetual war.

  • The Sunflower says:

    It's an issue that needs extra attention and a very clear layman's explanation, even though this information is already available elsewhere in more technical terms.

    We can always use better, simpler explanation, but this article is not it. It's making a bunch of scary noise and throwing poo. For instance:

    "using Tor guarantees that at least one random party will have full access to all packets in both directions going over a specific node chain"

    If one is going to make such a statement then they need to be very clear that you're talking about unencrypted http communications. It doesn't matter if an exit has all my encrypted https packets, so what. And plaintext http is already visible to any and all hops in the route. Likely a dozen or more hops if Tor is not being used. This article makes it seem like the typical user is logging in and posting identifying info over plaintext all the time. This is not typical. Most use of a web browser is strictly consumption, and most logins take place over https these days. (Though not all, sadly)

    I'll give you a strong reason that I think Tor is useful for the average user browsing stuff even over http. Shortly after the Boston bombings, screenshots and pdf's of the magazine (Inspire) where the bombers got their recipe were posted all over the place. If you happen to have hover zoom, or if the image was posted inline... boom. Now you have some fairly risky stuff in your browser history, and most likely on your disk. You didn't even have to actively download or seek out this information as people were posting it as comments of various web forums. This can bring you unwanted attention even if you've viewed the materials entirely innocently and accidentally.

    Finally, whenever someone replies to one of my comments and they're immediately downvoted, I get a bit defensive. For the record I don't downvote anyone simply for having a different opinion.

  • New Hampshire says:

    So you also read the post about radium from yesterday!