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  • Hawaii says:

    Or turning a Music channel into douchey teen reality shows. You know what channel I'm talking about.

  • Tallahassee says:

    Good looken out!

  • The Land of Enchantment says:

    Well this didn't happen!

  • Columbus says:

    First time I made my ma's sugar cookies alone, I was 7 months pregnant (that's important). I didn't read the recipe all the way through beforehand, and when I got to "Refrigerate dough for 3-5 hours" I started to cry. My husband rushed into the kitchen thinking something bad had happened, and when I told him I really wanted cookies, he laughed and told me I could have them later.

    I could have them later...

    I hurled a plastic-wrapped hunk of dough at him in a hormonal rage, then waddled away to bawl. When I got to our room, I turned back and shrieked, "Put that in the fridge!"

    For many moons afterward, when I would get irrational, he'd hold up a random item and ask, "Baby, should I put this in the fridge?"

    TL;DR: Refrigerating sugar cookie dough makes pregnant women hangry.

  • Atlanta says:

    The name of the wind. : Patrick Rothfuss

  • Madison says:

    All the pervy comments were deleted

  • Virginia says:

    The 965 was released in 2010 and is about now, the 7870 is a mid-to-high end card released about a year and a half ago, so... depends how you define a bit.