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  • North Dakota says:

    You can tell that Corey is a complete ass. He's rude to everyone he speaks to and acts like the customers are just wasting his time. Although, I would like to hear first hand knowledge of his antics.

  • Harrisburg says:

    Bullshit. Just because you pick some example of bad people, dont expect a society to consist only of those ones.

    And did u never watch the "older" Spiderman movies? With great power comes great responsibility.

  • St. Paul says:

    I read your book when it first came out, and just bought another copy not long ago since I lost mine. It's great.

    What has become of the children that Charlie allegedly fathered with other members of his "Family?"

  • The Bluegrass says:

    michael j faux

  • North Dakota says:

    Apparently you're not supposed to feed puppies C-4

  • Arizona says:

    Yeah, but the internet will lol at them and post freely. As if any of those things could stop piracy, sharing, or whatever you want to call it. The only reason that most of us aren't going to post the images right now, is because he doesn't want us to, but after he isn't around anymore, do you think anyone is going to care?