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  • Juneau says:

    Eye contact and a smile - it says "Hey, I don't find your appearance offensive. If you came over and introduced yourself to me, I'd totally have a conversation with you to see if you're an interesting person."

    If he returns the eye contact and the smiles, but doesn't introduce himself it DOESN'T mean he's not interested. It usually means "I would love to come introduce myself, but I can't really think of a smooth way to insert myself into the conversation your having in the corner with your 5 girl friends. You should totally come over here. I'd definitely start a conversation." If you're uncomfortable with that, maybe I'll catch you at a better time in a little bit." It's also an open invitation for you to start a conversation with him at any point in the night.

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    I'm starting to get really tired of this circlejerk.

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  • The Magnolia says:

    I have this game on PC and just became the Most Wanted. Easily one of the best Need for Speed games I've ever played. My only wish was that there was more customizing available for cars.