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  • Vermont says:

    Dat username.

  • Alabama says:

    The FDP are totally okay with having privacy being taken away so long as neo-liberal reform happens.

  • The Old Line says:

    He did once win 0 in a dance competition, so maybe he can just get wealthy off of that

    Just 500? He will need to invest it. Does he know any stockbrokers?

  • The Garden says:

    having no hair is a really shitty reason to put yourself through all that torment. I had a receding hairline in high school, and I'm balding now, I just didn't give a shit. I shaved it down to a 1/8th clip on some trimmers, and have done that ever since. never knew what to do with my hair anyways. when it first started I was worried I might not be able to find women as easily etc, but most really don't give a shit.

    kids will bully you for anything, we even had one friend who was athletic, good looking, strait A's in school... we called him dawson's creek. it all kinda, twistedly forms into terms of endearment for guys later, no one should ever put so much emphasis on it.

    I also played WOW too. if you raid, start playing casually. just gradually cut down on your time, and add working out and going outside into it. no one is going to drop everything about themselves and transform into something else overnight, but I promise you, you can be different if you want to be.

  • Albany says:


  • The Badger says:

    Thanks! This made my chest swell with glory and feelings.