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  • The Badger says:

    I wish I was the molested student. Most of the female teachers who have been doing this are really sexy.

  • The Granite says:

    Such brave

                              Swag is wrong
    So right

  • Trenton says:

    I'm an American and several students, and a professor, at my Unviersity have worn headscarves. Never had any problems with it here from what i've seen. No one even pays attention to what they wear.

    France has a deeper problem than headscarves. They are a ding culture who realize now they have let too many immigrants in too quickly and that a secular future is a pipe dream now. They thought the muslims would assimilate and become secular and they have not, and their birth rate is high enough they will form a majority in a 3-4 generations, even without new immigration(which is still happening)