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  • Arkansas says:

    Some people are just straight up rude about it to. I worked at a bulk grocery for a few months and there's almost always carts in the lot so I'd be out there often and I swear to baby Jesus a few assholes went out of their way to make direct eye contact, finish unloading their cart and then just leave it. Sometimes people even put them with other carts all the way across the lot. It's even downhill to where they're supposed to go. I mean come on.

  • Hartford says:

    No, I don't remember that little fella.

  • Trenton says:

    Thank you! It's a beautiful red, and has about 5 or 6 flowers stemming out from the main flower. It's just one flower, but it has so many, it's crazy.

    *Oh, and of course, there are more babies growing, those are on the bottom. :P

  • Iowa says:

    How does he keep having clothing lines going out when he's dead?