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  • Salt Lake City says:

    Oh it went up since last year... Is that the GW bridge in the background

  • The Hoosier says:

    Really? I have to be the one out of all the comments? I'm not usually the person to make peace, but christ. The guy is going with what he has. When you reach the age when you lose hair, yes, you will do funny things like wear a hat or grow the rest out to compensate. No, my hair is still ok, luckily, but my brothers and my friends of a young age lost a lot. They did a lot to try to save it but it was futile.

    Please, do not belittle the people that have hair loss. It may happen to you in the future whether you like it or not. Plus, you may be this guy trying to cover it up, like this guy, some day.

  • St. Paul says:

    Counter-steering on a motorcycle.

  • Wisconsin says:

    on a quick google search before i posted this, I did read it was something like 2.6 mil per episode. I just thought with top gear having crazy expensive cars and going to wild locations it would be more than a show that could be done with clever CGI, not to take away from GoT.

  • Helena says:

    When I drink a lot of Guinness it starts to taste like coins. But the first sip is heaven.