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  • Atlanta says:

    Found a new wallpaper for my roommate, thanks!

  • The Palmetto says:

    I know. They show Arab movies where men are always smacking the women around, and that seems to be fine. But heaven help you if you show a cartoon with a pig in it.

  • Kentucky says:

    I like Ellen Page a lot too.

  • California says:

    Not always, but yeah this one was fine I'm sure.

  • Salt Lake City says:

    Yes, but I don't see how that contradicts what I've said.

  • Annapolis says:

    1812 Overture. Whether you laugh because it reminds you of paper towel commercials or feel a cool rush as the cannons go off and horns blast away while feeling compelled to start a riot in slow motion.

  • Columbus says:

    So that's what Mormons do with all their wife's!