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  • Frankfort says:

    Someone's bitter about something that didn't affect him/her a damn bit.

  • Frankfort says:

    So, aside from the whole "I'd look at folks naked and have sex with people" thing... 'cause I'd imagine the novelty of that would peter out eventually... (if you're British, then you've caught the pun.)

    Depends on how invisible you mean. If we're talking "invisible, but leaving evidence behind (like footprints in dirt, mud, snow, etc.) and able to show up on infra-red (heatvision) scanners, and is permanent", then I suppose I would travel the world, getting into places I normally wouldn't be able to go, touching objects I wouldn't otherwise be allowed to.

    If we're talking "no evidence, no infra-red, and able to switch it on/off" then I'd travel the world (still? Yes, still) and become a force for Good--rather, shaping the world in a manner that I see fit in the sense that I would shape it for peace.

  • Austin says:

    You could negotiate.