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  • Wisconsin says:

    A proper Guinness pint takes a double pour, this is actually to get a thick head at the top of the glass. If you order a Guinness and they come back to you quickly, they are doing it wrong.

  • Colorado says:

    I freaking love snakes. Except for this one time when I was 8 or 9 and I screamed bloody murder after seeing a garter snake. What do you guys think, corn snake or ball python?

  • Lincoln says:

    This is how it has to be sometimes.

  • The Volunteer says:

    My 1920x1080 version

    Darker version

    I will take suggestions and implement them later, I have to go for now.

    Edit: Made the ring wider and put the clouds in front.

    Edit 2 : Made a darker version.

  • The Peach says:

    Has anyone ever ordered something besides orange chicken?

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    Has anyone ever ordered something besides orange chicken?