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  • South Dakota says:

    ITT: People who don't get the fucking joke. This is why the Simpsons sucks anymore, people are getting dumber, so they have to make the show dumber.

  • Connecticut says:

    I see you have ruled out a suicide pact by star crossed lovers that were doomed to be kept apart by their virtual societies?

  • The Centennial says:

    And not wrapped a pile of furs being all emo.

  • Montgomery says:

    first, i wasn't serious. i find my own country as reprehensible as you seem to. second, (and i can't believe i'm defending the US military here), but i think the US was pretty instrumental in winning both WWs. i could be wrong, but it seems europe wasn't doing so well before america got involved. third, i don't know where you live, but i'm guessing you've reaped the benefits of america's work probably more often than you think.

    america is the country we all love to hate and all the while consume what she has to offer. let's be honest here: americanism is a clusterfuck of capitalism and democracy with a whole lot of puritanism thrown in. we are the last imperialists left in the world and we act indeed as if manifest destiny applied to the entire world...but people keep buying our shit, using it, liking it, copying it, and so on.

    i sure as hell hope you don't own an iphone.

  • Maine says:

    Simon!?! What are you doing in this man's house?

  • Massachusetts says:

    I'll pray for you but reddit is an atheist magnet....so you're asking the wrong people for "prayer"

  • The Magnolia says:

    Always bring a towel.