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  • The Peach says:

    It actually took me a second to think of another one besides "titties"

  • Baton Rouge says:

    There's a place in my hometown that was home to a lot of urban legends, such as the KKK met there in secret, ghosts were seen on the regular, and even that there was a portal to hell on one of the streets. The place was situated in a small mountainous area above my suburban town. There were a few houses (nice houses) up in the area, but for the most part, it was just mountainsides, trees, and darkness. Oh yeah, the mountain area also had an abandoned mental asylum.

    Anyways, people liked to drive up there for shits and giggles, or at least for the wonderful view you got when you reached the top. I decided to take my girlfriend up because she had never been before. She had heard all the legends and wanted to see for herself. Now I've driven this road 100 times before I took her, and never had an incident, except for the occasional deer crossing the road or bats flying over. We drive up, stop on the shoulder of the road and decide to make out and stuff. maybe 5 minutes into it, car pulls up right behind us. It shuts off its lights and I hear doors being opened and closed. Not wanting to be murdered (or I thought), I turn on the engine and try to gun it out of there. I don't know how, but the people got back in the car trailed us almost immediately. They followed us for about 15 minutes, going 60 on a windy, one lane road. They stopped following us once we got into town.

    I know it's not a ghost story, but still scared the shit out of me and I sitll have no idea who was in the car behind us.

  • Boise says:

    yogurt, cheesecake, gummy bears, apple pie, seriously hate those things